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We provide comprehensive photo scanning and archival services.  We can scan your media, and place them on a CD or DVD containing high resolution scans of your images.  Media that is old or scratched can also benefit from our Digital Clean Magic Process.  Once on disk, your photos can be shared and preserved for generations to come.  All originals are returned to you.  We also have options for you if you are interested in archiving and storage

Why Digital?   There are good reasons why everything around us has gone digital.  First it was music, then communications and video, and now photos.  Once in digital form, you can make a perfect copy every time.  You can share it, you can store it, you zap it across the globe with the click of a mouse.  Your digital photos won't fade with age and they won't take up any space in your closet.  You can even keep backups in several locations so that if one should get lost or destroyed, you can replace it with a perfect copy from a back up. Its the perfect way to make your precious memories last forever.


  print scanning service photo scanning service

Print Scanning

We can scan all sizes of print photos and organize them by "chapters" for you.  Each disc will contain your photos in 300 dpi, 24 bit full color data in either minimum compression JPEG or optionally TIFF file format.


film scanning service

35mm Film Scanning

We're positive about negatives.  Send your 35mm negatives on in.  We scan them at 2000 dpi resolution and optionally up to 4000 dpi.

slide scanning service

Slide Scanning

Slides are no problem.  We can scan and color correct them for you.  Slides are scanned 2000, 3000, or 4000 dpi and stored as JPEG or TIFF files.

APS film scanning service film scanner

APS Film Scanning

APS film cartridges are fine, too. APS film can also be scanned at a resolution of 2000 or 3000 dpi and up to as high as 4000 dpi.

medium format film scanning 120 film scanner

Medium Format Film Scanning

Medium format film is often used by wedding and commercial photographers.  Also called 120/220 film with sizes between 6x4.5cm to 6x9 cm, this film has a large surface area and, with proper lighting, can produce stunning images with a lot of resolution and crisp detail.  This film is seen in both positive and negative formats.  We scan this film at 1000, 2000, 3000, or even 4000 dpi.

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