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Photo Restoration

The following photograph was taken back in 1948.   

Three young men that were inseparable friends, enjoying a day on the Coney Island Beach, New York.

  A few years later the Korean War, marriage and life changed and separated these friends for more that 55 years.  Recently, however, after many years of wondering what happened to each other, these three gentlemen have found and reconnected with each other.

While getting caught up and becoming re-acquainted with each other, the gentleman on the left found this photo that was all but forgotten.  It was desired to fix the obvious problems so that it could be shared with his two friends:





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If you have long lost photos that are damaged or time worn, call us for an appointment.

Photo restoration does more that fix an image, it restores memories and friendships to last a lifetime.


Their reunion became a human interest story and was covered and published by The Record Press.


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