Digital Clean Magic Process


Before and after Digital Clean Magic Processing:
The left side is scanned with a process we call, Digital Clean Magic and then expertly Color and Exposure corrected.  The right side, however, is straight from the scanner in its natural state. As you can see, the difference is quite dramatic:

    With Clean Magic Scanning       Straight scanning without                       

When scanning slides,  the best technologies available specialize in film scanners with Dust and Scratch Removal Features.  While some flatbeds have come to market claiming to have this benefit, we've found that the technology doesn't perform like it does in a dedicated film scanner that has the technology. Flatbeds in general are not ideal for scanning film. A dedicated film scanner like the Nikon Coolscan 5000 produces much better results.

The Clean Magic Process works by doing a scan of the film with Infra-red (IR) light. This IR scan enables the machine to visualize surface defects in the film, like dust or scratches. The scanner then scans the film normally. Using the map of defects from the IR scan, special software can replace the defective areas by interpolating between the pixels around the defect to fill in that area with an approximation of what was likely beneath the defect. The results can be dramatic. See the following examples from this 40 year old slide completed by our technologists:

After Clean Magic Scanning

Final image that has been color and exposure corrected


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