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C.H.I.L.D.        Consultant      Paralegal


Understanding the Neuro-Wiring Assignment of Rights Analysis of Natale and Raposo
The Developing Teenage Brain A Look at Ethical Practices Notice of Motion for Partial Summary Judgment on Liability
Raising Healthy Children Naturally African Project The Matter of Joe the Accountant
The Bipolar Child Medical Educational Programs Brief in Support of Plaintiff's Opposition to Defendant's Motion to Dismiss
Children That Are Inflexible Lady Bug   PCT application, patent fee calculation sheet w/general power of attorney and inventor’s assignment of rights
Helping Children To Succeed Border Patrol        Estate planning organizer, asset schedule, and resolve intestate succession queries
Special Ed Conference Ray Beat 


Inspiration:  Memorial to 911

Published Restoration for 55 Year Reunion

Diversity Presentations

Excerpts of creative writing samples up soon.